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About Me 



I'm Lauren, a Body Control, level 3 Matwork Pilates teacher and specialist in Pre and Postnatal Pilates. Located in Wiltshire. 

Having trained as a professional dancer for several years, Pilates became an integral part of my dance training, it helped with my technique, form and helped me to become more intune with my muscle physiology. Having practiced Pilates extensively throughout my dance training I know the benefits and the rewards Pilates can reap. I want to share my passion and experience with my clients so they can improve their lifestyle and achieve there goals no matter how big or small. 

The beautiful thing about Pilates its never too late to start. Whether your suffering from aches and pains or you are just looking to improve your body, years of mistreatment can be reversed and corrected. 

Pilates is for everyone! 

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