• Lauren McMillan

Hello, welcome to my first blog post!

Welcome to my website for Lauren's Pilates and my first blog post! My name is Lauren McMillan and I am excited to share with you from my own personal experience tips and tricks to make you feel stronger, healthier and improve your wellbeing.

Why i started a blog?

Since i started my business starting a blog was never something that was on my mind. I have been asked by friends and family 'Why don't you start a blog?' and I had no idea where to begin and would anyone be interested in what i had to say. After researching other peoples blogs and posts i have truly been inspired about the benefits of starting one.

5 Positive things

After the past 16 months we have all struggled in some way or another, me included! But something that helped me during the difficult times was to write down at the end of the day 5 positive things that happened to me during that day. No matter how big or small. For example it could be anything from taking a shower to doing 30 minutes of exercise. If 5 is a struggle start with 3 and just notice over time how that can change your mindset.


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